Why You Should Have Derwent Watercolor Pencils.

Pencil drawing is a rewarding and fascinating artwork. If you’re a drawer, then you know just how vital coloring is in a drawing. When you color up your drawing, you instill it with beauty and artistic relevance. What often catches the interest of people to most pictures is the creative use of color.

To beautify your drawing, you need a suitable watercolor pencil. The best shot for you is Derwent watercolor pencil. Many professional colorists regard this essential watercolor pencil as their favorites. The quality and uniqueness of these watercolor pencils remain the best.

Why should you choose Derwent watercolor pencil? What does it offer? How can it be useful for you? Find out all you need to know about Derwent watercolor pencils below.

Fascinating Things to Know About Derwent watercolor pencils.

1. First-hand impression.

With a color dipped end for original shading, the barrels of the pencils are narrow and shaped hexagonally. Each of the pens come in dark blue color and silvery-stripped color design near the top.

Also, Derwent watercolor pencils are debossed with silver stamping, which includes the brand name, color name, and color number. The pencil is very light when held and has 3.4 lead for holding a point appropriately.

2. Performance.

When performance is involved, Derwent watercolor pencils never fail in marveling you. The performance of these pencils is second to none. Whether used with water or not, the pencils perform wonders on the page.

Getting rich pigment often demands great pressure application. But with these pencils, rich pigments can be made with little pressure. The soft lead design of the pencils make this possible. To pop up the color, adding little water will effectively cover up for that.

Depending on how much pigments you lay down, majority of the colors are fairly vivid. But with the addition of water, the colors will be turned to a more subtle look.

3. Blending, Erasing, Smudging & Sharpening.

Blending this pencil with water is very fun and exciting. When blended with water, there’s an artistic synchronization and harmony between the colors of the pencils. The pencil’s soft lead adds more to the fun mix. When used dry, it gives a wax-like feeling. But when used with little water, the pencil gives a paint-brush-like sensation.

However, the pencil doesn’t erase properly. The best thing to do is to carefully color up your lines well inside and also spread the color to the edge with a brush. Also, the pencils sharpen excellently, but there is a limit to that. Exceeding the limit point can result in the crumbling of the softcore while coloring. It would be best if you handled the pencil with care. A mix of care and work can be fun and worthwhile!

4. Value and Availability.

You can get Derwent watercolor pencils in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72. You can identify them by their deep blue-colored tins. They can be bought in wooden storage boxes.

The 36 sets of Derwent watercolor pencils have promising and beautiful mixtures of color. Many colorists are especially fond of some color mixtures such as flesh tones, grey colors, and light violets.


Derwent watercolor pencils are the best treat for your coloring works. Give them a shot. You’ll be glad you did!

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